I specialize in in-Depth Therapy, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Systemic Family and Couple Therapy, EFT (Emotionally focused Couple Therapy), Cross-Cultural Couples, Mindfulness Training.

IN WHAT LANGUAGES: English (mother language) and Portuguese

INDIVIDUAL THERAPY: Support, clarity, finding direction in ones life, help in making difficult decisions, Re-storying and making sense out of their lives past and present events, improving self-esteem, self-confidence,stress, managing stress and anxieties,with panic attacks, mood regulation, loneliness, depressions and other life problems.

COUNSELLING AND COACHING: Focusing on more specific problems related to work, family relationships, social skills, burn out, decisions in relation to future professional and personal goals, and themes connected to immigration and location.

COUPLE THERAPY: Couples seeking to improve their communication and quality of their relationship.
Resolve conflicts and change repeated negative patterns, find more intimacy and ultimately save their relationship.


I am Italian American with more than 20 years of experience as a psychotherapist in five countries.I am licensed in Germany (Approbation), the State of Washington, USA, and have been certified in Mozambique as an M.A. in Psychology ( “Certidão com Mestrado em psicologia” ). I have a German husband who is an economist, a brasilian daughter and two Mozambican granddaughters.

The Psychological practice did not open, due to family reasons. Janine Radice will be traveling to Germany, she will probably return mid October 2022. The exact date that she will open her practice will be announced on this website.

CONTACT BY SMS +258 85 257 8258


Dpl. Psych./ University of Washington Licensed in USA, Brazil, Germany and Mozambique

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